Your Toronto Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Team

Do you have confidence in your data backups?

Have you ever lost a critical spreadsheet that you have been working on, never to see it again?

When was the last time your IT guy showed you that all of your information was backed up and could be restored in the event of a server or network crash?

Has a disaster struck your business, leaving you without email, accounting records or your client database?

Even the slightest data loss can leave a business paralyzed. 72% of Toronto small businesses that experience a significant data loss never fully recover to where they were before the data losses occurred and many go out of business within a year.

Your business needs our disaster recovery and business continuity service.  We work to prevent data disasters by focusing on AVOIDING data loss in the first place.  And if a disaster occurs, we ensure that your information can be recovered to have you back up and running quickly.

Using a combination of onsite and remote storage, our backup service ensures your information is securely backed up both onsite and in the cloud.

Call our team of Toronto backup specialists today for a no-obligation review of your current backup system and a demonstration of our business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.

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