Your Managed Service Providers NEED to Give You This

Managed service providers typically offer information technology services for companies that require help with their IT systems. MSPs also offer a method of reducing overall costs, including the price of adding additional hardware and the wage you would pay to tech workers.

Making sure that an MSP follows best practices within the industry ensures that your partnership with managed service providers remains beneficial. At the very least, the company that you work with should operate according to these five basic principles, giving you the support your company needs.


The data you provide your MSP will likely include sensitive data that could be used against your company. However, it’s also necessary to divulge the data in order to receive quality service. When you select a provider to support your business with IT assistance, make sure that one of their priorities is keeping your confidential data a secret.

Often, the company that you choose to work with will have a privacy policy that outlines the use of your data. Signing a non-disclosure agreement protects against damages in the case of dissemination of your confidential info.



The MSP you choose should utilize all the latest techniques to provide the most secure, efficient services available. Implementing innovations such as cloud storage and high-level encryption should be standard practice within the company you choose.


A variety of security procedures and processes should be in place at all times to protect that data that your MSP manipulates. All data transmission and storage should be performed through encrypted means. Software and hardware encryption provide protection for data storage while VPNs create a secure data path to transfer your information through a dedicated connection.


The MSP that you work with should offer scalable solutions that grow alongside your company. Instead of being forced into an agreement that provides too little or too much service, MSPs should be able to cater to the growing needs of your business at a moments notice, support a large surge in demand by seamlessly adding greater capacity to avoid overwhelming IT systems.

Technological Compatibility

Regardless of the software and hardware profile of your business, the MSP that you choose should be able to adapt to the way you use technology. A wide variety of solutions provide the ability for any MSP to serve nearly any IT system. If your MSP partner is unable to service a specific type of technological profile, you may want to consider finding another company to work with.

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