Why Restricting Employee Web Access Doesn’t Help Security

If you think banning Facebook or Twitter is keeping your network secure, think again.

Outsourcing IT via managed services in Toronto: Good way to trim your IT budget. Restricting employee web access: Bad.

Many businesses still block social sites, either in the interest of productivity or security. A 2011 study conducted by Robert Half Technology found that 31 per cent of organizations prohibit social media entirely in the work place.

Does this help malware from creeping into your network? Not really.

“Blocking and restricting access doesn’t necessarily result in fewer infections and can irk employees, causing risks in other areas,” wrote Robert Westervelt.

In fact many experts feel that restricting social access is a terrible idea and hurts company culture. In fact the Harvard Business Review estimated that social media could increase worker productivity by as much as 20 per cent to 25 per cent.

“In reality, whether you give employees permission or not, they will still use social media. Employees can access social media on their personal mobile devices or on their home computer, and they will use social media outside of normal business hours,” wrote Nick Hayes, Forrester Research and contributor to Forbes.com.

“Without establishing appropriate guidelines and training employees what’s acceptable behavior, they are more prone to use social media in an ill-advised manner.”

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