Why Managed Services Will Replace On-Site By 2016

The growth of SaaS and other on-demand services have opened a new path for businesses to save time and money on various IT processes without having to sacrifice the quality of the deliverables. In fact, managed security services are one of the biggest growth markets in technology, reflecting an overall trend of outsourcing business duties as a whole.

Growth of Managed Services

In addition to the increase of mobile devices that access sensitive business information, a survey by Allied Market Research states that “the growing awareness and concerns about data breaches would create the opportunities for MSSPs in the future.”

The estimates bear witness to this conclusion, as the global managed security services market looks to enjoy a compound annual growth rate of 15.8 percent, leading to an industry valued at $29.9 billion in 2020. Between 2014 and 2016, the value of the industry will have risen by nearly 50%.

This report lists the key customers of this industry as manufacturing, retail, healthcare, telecom and IT. However, the largest sector in terms of spending will likely be the Banking Financial Services and Insurance sector.

Reasons For Growth

As online crime continues to proliferate in shocking numbers, more and more companies will seek to outsource unified threat management solutions, as well as specific protections against Distributed Denial of Services attacks.

Other managed services include Intrusion Prevention Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems, endpoint security, firewall management and Secured Information and Event Management. Out of these services, it is predicted that endpoint security will flourish the most, with a CAGR of 25% by the time 2020 arrives. Endpoint security solutions will continue to rise as more and more workplaces allow or require mobile devices to connect securely and share information safely with business databases.

Due to the rapid growth of these and other managed services, it is predicted that on-site services will be overtaken by cloud services by 2016, marking a significant shift in the way security solutions are applied across many different sectors.

The main driver of growth will be small and medium sized businesses who require the best protection, but don’t have the time, budget or personnel to carry out these changes. Rather than struggle with the costs and requirements of setting up IT security, companies will increasingly counteract the threat through Managed Security Services that are implemented through cloud computer technology.

As more and more IT security solutions become standardized, the demand for off-site managed security services will grow. Companies such as Dynamics Solutions are well aware of the latest security and business trends, allowing for a better partnership with businesses that require nothing but the best in off-sourced, managed security services over the cloud.

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