Which Backup System Is Right For Your Toronto Business?

If you are tired of changing online backup vendors often, it is time you analyzed the qualities, or rather the lack of them, which has made you switch from one vendor to another at a rate which one would call abnormal.

While all vendors are not entirely perfect, you should consider researching about a prospective vendor early on if you want to offer the best backup and disaster recovery services to your customers.

Here are some key questions that you must ask your potential backup service before signing up for the service.

  • The first question to ask is how you are going to be billed and on what basis. This will save you from the shock you are likely to get on receiving your first bill.  There is nothing worse than getting a bill you were not expecting.
  • Another thing to find out is if the backup partner supports the computer systems your business uses. Ask them what operating systems and configurations are supported. What type of backups does the solution perform?
  • This is the third question that ought to be asked. It is the IT providers’ job to make sure that the backups work.  Make sure they have a testing system in place and schedule regular tests of your business backups.
  • The fourth in our list is the location of their support team and their working hours. This will spare you the hassle and the frustration of not being able to get in contact with them when needed.

Bitter disappointment is the last thing you would expect from a new partner, so don’t forget to identify in which ways your prospective backup and IT partner differs from your previous one or else you will end up with the same problems.

Dynamix provides backup and disaster recovery services to business across the GTA.  Our services offer complete “peace of mind” that your business data is properly secured and in the event of a simple file deletion or complete business disaster, your information is safeguarded from loss.

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