What Types of IT Services Can I Outsource?

Our clients in Toronto and the GTA come to us for a number of outsourcing solutions. Often times, they’re not completely sure what they can outsource, or what services we offer.

Some of the most popular services include:

• Network Connectivity: Maintaining and troubleshooting the network
• Security: Managing Spam, company firewalls and virus protection
• Data Backup/ Archiving: Keeping all records and files secure
• Messaging and Collaboration: Maintaining email, IM and web conferencing
• Software Applications: Licensing agreements
• Desktop Management: Help desk and day-to-day issues
• Server Management: Monitoring usage and maintaining access
• Web Development: Creating new sections to the website, or microsites
• Ecommerce: Managing an online store and system
• Database Administration: Maintaining databases like client or customer lists

On the simplest level ,you should consider IT Outsourcing to make sure that all of your company resources are being used to their fullest. You can ensure that you’re not spending too much money to pay an employee (or employees) fulltime wages and benefits for a service that you can outsource for less money.

In some cases, the tasks that you may need completed might require a high level, or highly specialized level, of expertise. This might not be something you’re in-house employee was expected to do when you hired them. So, through no fault of their own (or yours) they may suddenly be unqualified.

If you have any questions about outsourcing your IT services, please contact us any time.