What IT Outsourcing Customers Can Learn From Healthcare.gov

IT Outsourcing TorontoYes, our healthcare system is drastically different. However, companies looking to outsource their IT in Toronto and Markham can actually learn a few lessons from the launch of Healthcare.gov.

The much-publicized failed launch of the US’ healthcare website made headlines across the globe, while putting outsourced IT solutions under the microscope. So what can we all learn from this?

A very insightful blog at www.cio.com recently explored 6 IT Outsourcing Lessons Learned From Healthcare.gov’s Troubled Launch.

“The initiative was endorsed by the highest executive in the world, had plenty of lead time, and had a relatively straightforward mandate,” wrote author Stephanie Overby

“But, as a recent New York Times article pointed out, deadline after deadline was missed on the multi-contractor project for a variety of reasons — from government agencies slow to issue their specifications to last minute changes to the Healthcare.gov’s primary features.”

The article provides good, universal insights into how to properly communicate with any provider—from setting clear goals and milestones, to making sure glitches are fixed before they turn into massive issues. If you’re considering outsourcing your IT in the New Year, the article is a good read and great place to start setting your expectations.

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