Virtualization for Small & Medium Size Businesses

More and more SMB clients today are asking Dynamix solutions about Virtualizing their IT environment.  A few points for our Small & Medium sized clients surrounding Virtualization. Benefits would include power, cooling savings, less server space used to name a few.

Small businesses face many of the same IT challenges as larger businesses, trying to accommodate increasing demand for new IT capabilities and services. Small businesses often place even greater emphasis on cost savings and on protecting business critical systems and data, since shrinking IT staff and budgets and a “do more with less” mantra make it extremely difficult to simultaneously maintain day-to-day business operations (keeping the lights on) and invest in new strategic projects that can yield longer-term efficiencies to help the business grow.

VMware vSphere for small business is the most cost effective way to enable Always On IT – the high availability, reliability, and manageability of enterprise-class operations optimized for small and midsized businesses. Discover the Benefits of Virtualization for Small and Medium Businesses.

Virtualization technology simplifies IT so that companies can more effectively utilize their storage, network, and computing resources to control costs and respond faster. The virtual infrastructure approach to IT management creates virtual services out of the physical IT infrastructure, enabling administrators to allocate these resources quickly to the highest priority applications and the business needs that require them the most.


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