Email Encryption

Is Your IT Company Talking to You About Email Encryption Regulations?

If your IT company isn’t paying attention to compliance and new regulations for the real estate industry, they could be putting your entire business at risk. Have you heard about the new Email encryption regulation that’s taking effect? You know that no business is immune to data breaches or cyberattacks, and you need to ensure…


How to Take Care of Your Computer With Computer Hardware Maintenance

Computers, like any other electronic device, need regular maintenance. Just like your annual medical check-up program, your computer also needs scheduled maintenance of computer hardware to ensure that you extend its lifespan. This is what many people call preventative maintenance. But, before we dwell on the purpose of preventative maintenance let us first consider the basic question of what is computer hardware and what is in the preventative maintenance program. What is Computer Hardware? All the physical components of the computer are hardware. This will include your keyboard, hard drives, internal CD or DVD drive, fans, etc. All of these … Read more

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10 Benefits of Software Asset Management (SAM)

Software Asset Management (SAM) involves the effective management and optimization of software applications in business. By optimizing your SAM, you can realize real tangible benefits of software asset management from a business perspective. Consequently, you are also able to get the most from your software.

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service desk vs help desk

What’s the Difference Between Service Desk vs. Help Desk?

Many people have heard of help desk and service desk services, but how do they differ and which help desk support option is best? Depending on your needs, you can select IT support and service management options that are most suitable. There are very distinct differences between help desk and service desk services and each is uniquely beneficial for businesses operations.

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Firewall Management and Its Importance

Firewall management is vital to ensure that your business runs without any unexpected breaches. It is undoubtedly an ongoing process and is essential since new technology and processes are always incorporated into a business. By working with a managed IT services provider you know for a fact that your firewall will be managed efficiently. An efficient firewall helps to avoid a breach in the following ways Dealing with the changes: Since you are bound to add new technology and devices, the presence of a security firewall ensures that the security of your business infrastructure is unaffected Dealing with the threats: … Read more