UK’s IT Providers Say Clients Lack Leadership. What Toronto Can Learn

Any outsourced IT provider in Toronto or anywhere in the world will tell you that a lack of leadership in a company makes for a challenging client.

In fact, over in the UK, specialist research firm Whitelane Research asked the top 20 IT services providers in the UK to rate their customers’ governance and supplier management skills. A third (34%) said they are “somewhat immature”, while 11% said they are “immature.”

Jef Loos, head of sourcing Europe at Whitelane Research said that, “These are serious figures… It’s still a big, big challenge in the market: companies really have to improve their governance.”

He added that a common complaint is a client not airing their issues or complaints until they’re near the end of their contract.

“Vendors want mature clients. If a client is not satisfied, it’s better if they react immediately rather than saying nothing, and then leaving when the contract is up.”

While there is no data to see if Toronto’s providers feel the same way, there is something to be learned from the UK’s numbers.

Clearly, having strong leadership from the top of a company trickles down into every aspect of that companies culture—including their relationship with vendors.

At the same time, airing any grievance or issues right away can give your outsourced IT provider an opportunity to react and make adjustments. This leads to a better overall relationship for both parties.

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