Getting Going With Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is top of mind with CIOs, IT Managers and throughout the Toronto business community.  Reduce greenhouse emissions, reduce overall technology costs, cut hydro-electric usage while maintaining data security, network availability and disaster preparedness are the main drivers on why business are exploring new ways to deploy technology and keeping data safe in their organizations.  Server Virtualization is a strategy many business owners are seriously taking a look at within their business.

Dynamix is here to help.  However, let’s explore what server virtualization actually is.

Server virtualization is nothing new and it has been around for many years.  Server virtualization can be explained as taking one physical server computer and running many instances of server software on this single piece of hardware.  Server virtualization allows your business to consolidate many physical servers onto a single piece of server hardware.  Server virtualization allows you to remove the one server, one application model and now run one server, multiple applications.

There are many virtualization technologies available including Microsoft’s Hyper-V which runs on Windows Server 2008.  Citrix is another major long-time player in the virtualization community offering desktop virtualization through their WinFrame, MetaFrame and Presentation Server solutions for a number of years.  Last but not least is VMWare, who offers a hardware solution through a number of server virtualization and cloud computing solutions.

Which one of these is solutions is best for you?  This depends on your business goals, needs and eventually your IT budget.  Not to worry, the team at Dynamix can help you determine the right virtualization solution for your Toronto business.

When virtualization is done correctly, industry research shows that Canadian businesses have cut capital expenses by 40 – 70% and virtualization has helped streamline business’ disaster recovery and business continuity preparedness.  This will ensure and keep your critical business applications at the ready and available when required.

Need help?  Dynamix is here to help you determine what the right IT solution is for your business.

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