Top 8 Reasons to Use Managed It Services in 2017 [part 2]

As mentioned in part one, cost savings, better uptime, tapping into IT solutions and taking a proactive approach to IT problems are all important reasons to use managed IT services. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t more.

Every business may have a different reason for using these services, but the crucial thing is that they realize the need for them in the first place.

Managed Services For IT Companies

To round out our top 8, here are our final four reasons why you should consider using managed IT services in 2017:

  1. Improved Security

Technology, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, servers, browsers and operating systems, all store and transmit data and therefore require strict security measures. Your business does not want to turn into the next high-profile data loss or data breach incident. If any sort of security breach happens to your company, not only will it be a major setback, but your clients are likely not to trust you again and potentially move their business elsewhere. That’s where Dynamix Solutions can help. Whether you are a doctor with confidential client information or an ecommerce company who has financial information on your server, we can enhance your security parameters to ensure that no breaches happen.

  1. Gain Access to Newer Technologies

When choosing to outsource IT services, your business benefits from having access to the latest technology and top-level solutions that will maintain your uptime and, most importantly, your profitability. This type of technology includes, but not limited to, backup and disaster recovery, cloud computing and remote monitoring and management. By investing in these tools, you will increase the reliability on your company’s IT infrastructure. In addition to the newer and more advanced technology, you will have a team of professionals whose job is make sure that your systems are in check.

  1. Handle Remote Office It

It is not uncommon for a business to have a remote office — there may even a few remote offices. But sometimes businesses forget that those offices need IT servicing too. In the case that the remote office is an employee who lives in another city, the last thing you want to deal with as a business owner is maintaining its technology too. Using managed IT services will help protect your IP, will integrate with your office’s current systems and of course, comes with the IT support that Dynamix Solutions is known for.

  1. Free Internal Staff

Often we see businesses that have over-burdened IT with employees who lack training and skills for certain tasks, or can’t handle the company’s network alone. This is where managed IT services will help you free your internal staff for more strategic work.  By investing in managed services, your business will tackle its existing labour constraints and will prevent internal IT departments from constantly having to play catch-up. Your business is essentially getting a virtual chief information officer in addition to upgraded technology for your infrastructure.

We are able to understand and manage the changing technology landscape, allowing you to better scale your business and plan for the long term. If managed IT services is something you think your business would benefit from, contact us today.