Top 5 Ways Antivirus Software Can Protect Your Company’s Network

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What is antivirus software?

Antivirus software is a set of programs that are designed to safeguard your system from malicious software worms, spyware, Trojans, and malware. Virus protection is essential to protect your personal property and remove any glitches and software viruses that are bogging down your network and operating system.

There are many different types of antivirus software available: free antivirus software generally provides simple scans on your computer using signature-based detection, locating already-identified malware. Paid antivirus software tends to include heuristics that catch any imminent threats using genetic signatures that can identify new variants of existing virus code by running files in a virtual environment to measure malicious intent.

Virus protection software ensures the protection of your company’s identity, data, classified information, and allows you to optimize company performance and security.

1. Protect your system from Trojans, spyware, and viruses

Most people are familiar with the term Trojan but are unaware of how they operate. Trojans refer to a malicious computer program that uses deception tactics that trick users into initiating a program that inevitably hacks into their system. Trojans tend to spread through social engineering and can be difficult to detect, as they often resemble legitimate software. Clicking on a link or email attachment from an assumed trusted source will allow Trojans unauthorized access to your files.

Viruses can be very destructive, as they tend to replicate and infect multiple programs in your system, from logged data to disk space. If left unattended for long enough, viruses can shut down your computer to the point of no return. Most viruses use obfuscation methods, meaning they are extremely difficult to detect and require specific types of antivirus software to remove them effectively.

Malware spies are primarily designed to extract classified files that can harm a business’s integrity. Malware can obtain sensitive information such as passwords and personal information that would be detrimental to proper business practices. Network antivirus software is specifically tailored to remove and prevent suspicious malware from penetrating your computer system and protect your business integrity.

cyber security 2. Ensure file sharing protection

Many companies participate in file sharing through external hard drives, USB drives, and other file sharing devices. External drives are extremely vulnerable to virus spreading; particularly shortcut virus and autorun viruses. Virus protection programs scan all removable media and shared files upon first access, to halt any malicious virus from infecting your system. Antivirus software allows your business to share information between systems with confidence.

3. Proactive defence against email viruses

Network antivirus software is essential for scanning any suspicious objects and links in both incoming and outgoing email within and between company networks. Email antivirus software initiates scanning upon system startup and remains running, intercepting inbound emails by header, body, and attachment. Antivirus analyzes independent email components for dangerous objects and encrypted files to detect anything suspicious before it compromises your company security.

settings 4. System diagnostic reports

A great advantage of antivirus software protection is the addition of performance reports that are broken down in graphs and statistical data for easy comprehension. A thorough network diagnosis provides companies with useful configuration details including system response times, hardware issues, and performance ratings. Antivirus software reports reveal any pertinent system issues as soon as they arise, as well as suggestions to fix your network system and optimize performance.

5. Real-time tailored protection

Investing in antivirus software guarantees your business will be protected. On-demand scanning of files and programs will detect any malicious entity before it infects your system. Real-time scanning detects, identifies, and removes suspicious codes you would never otherwise detect.

Choosing business oriented network antivirus software is a must for any successful company; however, not all antivirus programs are created equally. Choosing the best antivirus protection for your business is crucial to protect your business’s integrity and sensitive information. Do not hesitate to invest in the optimal antivirus for your business network system. Consult Dynamix Solutions to discover the best antivirus program options for you.

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