Today is World Backup Day

Some of us have become so accustomed to the convenience of the Internet that we take it for granted. We do the same with our computers and mobile devices, assuming that the information we store on them will remain forever until we decide to delete it or move it elsewhere. Not so. Forget about hackers and viruses, smart phones and laptops get lost or stolen all the time. If you haven’t taken the time to back up all the photos, music files and other important information on an external hard drive, memory stick or on the Internet, then it could all be permanently lost.

Mar. 31, 2012 is World Backup Day, a day set aside to remind everyone – not just business leaders – of the importance of backing up information stored on desktops and portable devices. To ensure the security of your important information, you should have more than one backup. You could store the most important data on these devices, which should then be put away in a fireproof lock box. Saving your information online is another option. Some data security companies, like Kaspersky, offer backup and recovery in addition to data security and firewall protection.

How you decide to back up your data depends on your needs. Photographers and writers, for example, could probably benefit greatly from online backup because they are constantly creating new data. Every time you download a new song from the Internet or upload a family video or photo to your desktop, you should back it up in at least two different places. Believe it or not, DVDs and CDs work, too. In fact, for the average person, DVDs and CDs are sufficient, provided he either makes two copies or saves the information on a memory stick or external hard drive as well. Keep in mind that you have to update both backups. It’s all too easy to remember to update the CD that’s always nearby and forget to also update the one that’s locked away.

It’s not hard to back up the important information on your computer. Establish a routine such as taking time to save your important data before you shut down your computer. To make life easier on yourself, you could prioritize your data and separate them based on what you update regularly and what you update periodically, such as tax returns.

Why wait until World Backup Day to start the good habit of backing up your important information? You could get started today.

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