These Startups Were Built on Outsourced IT

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Creating something from nothing is hard. For the founders of a startup, the drive to create a successful business from just an idea, requires pulling together an entire organization to build a product before the money runs out. Finding the right people with the right talents and skills is tough, especially when it comes to technology, where technology expertise can be tough to come by.

Because IT is critical to the success of most startups, the idea of outsourcing and having development done by outsiders who don’t share the core employees’ passion for the product can be scary. It can be reassuring to realize that many successful startups outsourced their initial development work. Here are three of them.


One of the first companies to introduce phone calls over the internet, Skype’s Scandinavian founders chose to have their software developed by programmers in the unexpected location of Estonia. In 2011, the company was purchased by Microsoft and, by 2013, the company carried traffic equivalent to 40% of traditional landline phone calls.

Fab is a design-centered shopping site bringing unique products to its customers. The company did its initial IT development in India; the results were so successful, it purchased the IT firm. The business generated its ideas in New York and worked with the IT business as a true partner in collaboration, ultimately bringing them great success.


Klout measures the value of online content. Klout’s founder told Quora “When I started Klout I couldn’t find anyone crazy enough to leave their job and do this right away. I had managed to outsource teams before and had experienced the gamut of issues that come with it.”

He spent three months working closely with an outsourced development team to create a working prototype.

Are You Considering Outsourcing IT Services?

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