The Merits of Managed IT Services in Toronto

In general, managed IT services consist of broadband, VPN, security services (firewall), and IP communications provided by a single service provider to corporate enterprises in compliance with a service level agreement (SLA). Some of the popular managed IT services in Toronto include:

  • Broadband connections and data link layers.
  • Dedicated and customizable VPN services.
  • Security services such as firewalls to control access of the network.
  • IP communications that enhance voice and multimedia functions within the network.

Merits of Managed IT Services in Toronto

Over and above the aforementioned basic features, most IT outsourcing companies also provide remote monitoring, remote configuration and troubleshooting, and terms of contract for the services. Here are some of the advantages of managed IT services.


MSPs can prove quite affordable for organizations with many employees distributed across remote network branches. Typically, remote company branches do not have in-house IT specialists to monitor and troubleshoot network problems. Fixing such problems may require costly travel expenses. Distributed routers, VPN sites and firewalls, can exacerbate problems on the company network, since they require different specialists to rectify errors. An MSP reduces the cost of fixing such problems by about 40%, according to a report by Cisco.

Companies can make further savings by collaborating with the MSP for the entire network design. They can also develop a clear measurable SLA with the MSP to obtain significant returns on investment. Integrating minimal network elements and choosing efficient network equipment vendors is also crucial to making savings.

Continuous Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance

MSPs provide twenty-four hour monitoring of company networks throughout the year. Presently, it is almost impossible for small and medium sized organizations to monitor their LAN and WAN networks throughout, and detect problems immediately they arise. Therefore, the earlier a company detects network errors, the earlier the company would be able to resolve the problem. Downtime is a costly feature of in-house networks especially for banks and telecommunication companies. Corporate institutions can avoid such costs by signing up for MSP services from reliable Canadian providers.

Comprehensive Reports

Most business organizations require constant insights and reports on the reliability and effectiveness of their networks. At the same time, technology is always evolving and organizations need to keep up with the latest offerings, or run the risk of losing out to better-informed competitors. MSPs offer organizations with real-time data, reports, and reviews of their networks. They decipher error reports, detect problems, and analyze user activities on networks using custom software. They also keep track of new technologies in the market such as cloud systems, and update their networks accordingly. Hence, companies can get value for their investments by receiving regular reports on their networks.

Enhanced Network Security

Once organizations set up their networks and establish VPN services, the chief worry becomes security. Firewall protection is essential to hide internal addresses and control access to internal company resources. Obfuscation using network address translation is necessary to prevent external attacks from phishing sites and hackers.

Internal network protection may be sufficient, but you can get advanced security systems from MSP’s. Advanced security systems use application firewalling to secure corporate networks from possible hacking.

In summary, companies that wish to merge their IT support systems and remote networks should consider managed IT services. MSPs provide multiple IT services to customers under single contracts. Thus, companies can receive services such as broadband, network services, VPN, and IP communications from one outfit.

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