The Five-Minute Guide to Getting IT Support for a Small Business

You’re a small business owner, which means that you wear a ton of hats. That’s just the reality of your world. However, none of those hats is as heavy as the IT hat. It’s a full time job just being an expert in your own industry and everyday it’s looking more and more like you have to be a computer scientist just to stay in business in 2015. Not so. It’s easier than ever getting IT support for a small business, but you have to know what to look for.


You’re not an expert on Information Technology, and maybe you never want to be, but your business is your business, and you want to know what’s going on. Make sure that whatever company you subcontract to manage your IT infrastructure isn’t withholding information just to keep themselves valuable.

See if they offer training so that you or your staff can address some of your common issues yourselves in the future. Or when a technician is on site, or helping you over the phone, make sure that they are explaining every step of the way so that you know what’s going on and that you’re not left in the dark, totally dependent on outside help

24/7 IT Support

It’s a known paradox in small business that the only thing you can predict happening with any certainty is that something entirely unpredictable will happen. And you can’t expect to be lucky enough for those fires to start from the hours of nine to five.

It’s crucially important to make sure that when you’re appointment scheduling software goes down at 3 AM that you can reach someone and get the help you need so that your business can running smoothly as soon as possible

Backups and Data Recovery

After yourself and your staff, your information is your business’ most valuable asset. When you’re looking for an IT contractor make sure that they offer regular data backups and data recovery so that no matter what happens, your client data, sensitive files, or any proprietary documentation is never lost.


Like we mentioned before protecting your data and securing its safety is a priority for a small business owner. However, sometimes the treat isn’t mechanical failure or accidentally deleting a file. Sometimes there is an outside threat that’s actively trying to steal your data or damage your IT infrastructure.

Make sure that whoever you work with provides network security monitoring and a suite of software or services that deal with viruses, malware, and any other types of infiltrations that may be a threat to your business

Clean Communication

Information Technology is confusing enough, and the last thing you want when you’re trying to solve a technical issue at 4 AM is failure to communicate or some sort of language barrier. When talking to a potential IT contractor ask if their phone support staff are local as opposed to overseas, or at the very least speak very strong English.

Looking for Remote IT Support?

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