The Evolving Role of Managed Services

managed services TorontoThe role of managed services is changing, as are the expectations of companies that outsource their IT in Toronto.

Companies are coming to their providers with more complex needs and they expect a scalable solution. This and a greater awareness of what the cloud can offer are the two leading change-agents that govern the industry.

“Cloud makes it easier to select specialists for each capability, a ‘horses for courses’ approach at commercial, service, and technology levels,” said Ryan Skipp, ICT solutions sales and portfolio management at T-Systems SA.

Skipp also feels that, moving forward, managed services providers need to stay ahead by integrating standard open application programming interfaces to give their clients, “the necessary levels of control and access to services.”

He added, “Ensure that standard network, security, data protection services are available, and that the necessary auditing capabilities are enabled to support the achievement of common compliance requirements. Create a transition and transformation capability to help business adopt cloud services with more ease, including analysis tools, migration tools, and project methodologies,”

If you have any questions about what the cloud can do for your business, or what is involved in outsourcing your IT through managed services, please feel free to contact us any time.

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