The 5 Best Tools for Remote IT Support

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How do you put a price on being able to troubleshoot any device, at any time? Simply put, remote IT support prevents meltdowns. It enables your IT to work remotely on a device that is currently experiencing the problem.

With so many options out there, it’s good to know what each offers. Here are the five best tools for remote IT support:

1. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is one of the most popular remote support tools in the world. It allows you to access and control a computer from anywhere in the world. This program is also very easy to setup and use. All you need to do is install the program on both devices — no additional steps for setup are needed.

TeamViewer can be used with nearly any type of device, including smartphones.

2. Chrome Remote Desktop

Google’s Chrome web browser accounts for over a third of the world’s Internet browser usage, making it the most used Internet browser in the world by a large margin. The world’s second most used browser, Safari, only accounts for about 15% of browser usage.

This means that most computers are very likely to have Google Chrome installed, making the Chrome Remote Desktop app a very useful tool for you to to control one of your computers from afar. Remote access with this tool can be established temporarily or permanently.

Chrome Remote Desktop can be used with nearly any type of device, including smartphones.

3. Remote Utilities

This is a convenient remote access program that allows you to control up to 10 computers from afar. Creating temporary or permanent remote access is easy with Remote Utilities. You can even allow access by adding the program to a flash drive and plugging it in.

Remote Utilities can be used with nearly any type of device, including smartphones.

4. Windows Remote Desktop Connection

All Windows computers come with this remote access solution pre-installed. This makes it a great solution for remotely controlling a device without having to install any new programs.

Unlike the remote access tools discussed above, Remote Desktop Connection can only be used on Windows devices.

5. Cloud-based remote IT support for small business

Unlike the rest of the tools on the list, the cloud is not a piece of software that you add to your computer system. Instead, it is a remote storage tool that gives you a wide range of capabilities, including:

  • The ability to access your files anywhere from multiple devices
  • Expanded storage capabilities
  • Increased data security

A good cloud storage solution will also be backed by a strong outsourced IT support team, making it an even more reliable remote support tool for your company.

Choosing the Right Remote IT Support Tool for Your Business Is Crucial

As a small business, your main concern should be making your business as profitable as possible. However, in order to direct your efforts towards that, you need to outsource your IT services to a reputable company.

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