Technology Checklist for a Successful Remote Team

As of January 2021, 32% of Canadian workers (aged 15 to 69) worked mainly from home, as compared to just 4% back in 2016. Having a remote or hybrid workforce is becoming the norm for businesses around the world, but it’s still a fairly new environment for companies and one they’re working to perfect. It’s important that infrastructures and processes such as network security and device management are updated to accommodate a remote team. Employees also need to have the right communication tools to empower their work and ensure they can connect with customers and colleagues easily. Are you’re still … Read more

10 Tips for Purchasing SmallBusiness ComputerSystems

10 Tips for Purchasing Small Business Computer Systems


When tasked with purchasing small business computer systems, it can be a bit intimidating. What kind of device do you need? Are there brands that are better than others? How much memory is required?

To help you answer all your questions, here are our 10 tips for purchasing small business computer systems.

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United States Businesses to Spend $13 Billion On the “Cloud”

More business is heading skyward. A lot of our IT outsourcing clients in Toronto and the GTA come to us asking for cloud-solutions, and they’re far from alone. According to, US businesses are poised to spend a whopping $13 billion on cloud computing. “Instead of a slow-moving fluffy white cloud image, the cloud computing industry should use a tornado – that might be a better way to visualize how fast cloud computing is growing today,” wrote TJ McCue. Content Storage and The Cloud Companies have a ton of options for where they can put their shared files. There is … Read more

How to Plan Hardware Maintenance With No Downtime

Many companies rely on their business IT support to keep their computer systems running smoothly at all times, which often includes regular hardware maintenance. Most of the time, hardware maintenance falls into the preventive and predictive categories, which helps keep systems on-track and prolongs their life. Without doing this, companies are often faced with unexpected downtime due to system failures that can cost thousands and involves complex repair work. Downtime can Cost Your Business Like most companies, your employees will need access to their hardware and devices during the day so they can be fully productive, meet your business’s targets, and keep revenue coming in. Just … Read more