How to Take Care of Your Computer With Computer Hardware Maintenance

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Computers, just like any other electronic device, need regular maintenance. The same way that you attend your annual medical check-up, your computer also needs scheduled maintenance of its computer hardware to ensure that you are doing everything you can to extend its lifespan. This is what many people call preventative maintenance.

However, before dwelling on the purpose of preventative maintenance, first consider the basic questions of: what is computer hardware, and what is in the preventative maintenance program?

What is Computer Hardware?

Computer Hardware


All the physical components of the computer are hardware. This includes your keyboard, hard drives, internal CD or DVD drive, fans, and etc. All of these components are included in computer hardware maintenance.

What is Included in Preventative Maintenance?

Most people believe that preventative maintenance programs are only useful for visible components of your computer. However, computer hardware maintenance also includes the not-so-visible components of the computer, as well.

Typically, preventative maintenance is performed at both the system and physical levels.

Physical Level Maintenance:

This is where the physical components of the computer are cleaned. Clean the keyboard to ensure that you remove the dust sitting between the keys. It’s important to remove and clean the fans that help maintain CPU temperature. Also, wipe off the monitor and blow out the dust sitting inside the CPU.

Make sure you complete this entire cleaning process carefully. Using any type of liquid or solvent can cause damage to the physical parts – instead, use a soft cloth and the right type of solvent. During the maintenance process, do not expose physical components to extreme temperature changes.

System Level Maintenance:

System-level maintenance ensures that your operating system runs in an optimized manner. Check your hardware drivers, and download and install their latest versions. If you’re using any software, it is best to have the upgraded and latest versions. There are also a lot of programs on your system that you most likely do not use – remove these programs and clean up your disk space so that you can install more useful programs.

Most computers today have anti-virus and anti-malware protection installed. However, these are often outdated, and do not have newer security patches, which can pose a substantial threat to your operating system.

A lot of people make the mistake of not fragmenting their hard drives. This can cause a major data loss in adverse situations, and even cause a system slowdown. Defragment your hard disk and create multiple drives.


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Why Hardware Maintenance is Important

Hardware Maintenance is Important

It is just as important to invest in a periodic maintenance program as any other part of computer maintenance.

  1. Address Issues Before They Become Problems
    Maintenance activity helps you detect latent issues with your computer that can grow into major problems if not addressed in a timely manner. It can also impact the performance of your computer, and give you sub-optimal output. Periodic maintenance helps you detect these problems at a system and physical level and address them immediately.
  2. Prevent Security Threats
    Anti-virus and anti-malware software undergo an update process that ensures your computer has the highest level of protection against security threats. You don’t want to fall prey to a security vulnerability that can lead to business loss.
  3. Improve Speed
    Defragmenting the hard drive, removing unnecessary programs, and updating system drivers improve the operating speed of your computer.
  4. Optimize Efficiency
    With time, computers tend to slow down and become sluggish. It’s inevitable that software slows down and starts performing with sub-optimal output. Therefore, periodic maintenance can help address this and optimize the efficiency of the computer.

Designing a hardware maintenance calendar can depend on multiple things, such as the extent of the use of your computer, the type of processes performed on the computer, and etc. It can be complicated and overwhelming.

A professional can assist you with your preventative maintenance. Contact Dynamix Solutions to see how we can help.