Small Businesses in Toronto: Here Are 6 Ways You Can Improve Your Business

If you’re a small business owner, you know that every day provides a new set of challenges. If you’re just getting started, running a business can be overwhelming.

We know what it’s like to run a small business, which is why we’ve collected ten tips for those of you running a small business in Toronto. Read on to learn how you can make your company better.

Play to Your Strengths

Let’s say you run a dog grooming business. You’re not going to start offering your customers picture framing services. It doesn’t fit in with your core business offering.

Stick to what you know. Branching out into unrelated services or products will hurt your business. You can’t be an expert in everything, so pick one thing.


The art of upselling involves convincing your customer that they need to buy another related, yet more expensive product.

Let’s go back to the dog grooming business example. You could offer your customers a premium package which includes applying treatment that makes their dog’s fur shinier. Many dog owners would want that.

Learn about Best Practices

The term “best practices” refers to a method or technique which always leads to better results than any other way of doing things.

Every industry has best practices. Learn about the best practices for your industry and start applying them. You’ll see positive results quickly.

Keep up with the News

You might say, “Well, I’m a dog groomer. Why do I need to know about what’s going in the rest of the world?” Paying attention to current events, new developments and trends can help your company.

A trucking strike can impact how long it takes you to get supplies as well as raise the cost. A municipal regulation can affect zoning for your firm. When you know these things, you can take steps to handle the ramifications for your company.


Is there a task that you know you’re simply not good at? Give it to someone else to do. Delegating isn’t a sign of weakness. Rather, it shows that you understand what you’re good at and you’re smart to focus on it.

You could be good at a task, such as balancing your books. However, you might not have time to do it. Delegating frees up your time for you to focus on what’s really important.

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