Simple IT Security Tips To Protect Small Businesses in Toronto

It doesn’t matter what neighborhood you’re in – there are threats lurking if you’re a small business owner in Toronto. And buying bars for the windows or fancy locks won’t help.

The risks your business faces are of the digital variety. They include a wide variety of viruses and vulnerabilities within software which allow hackers to access vital information. Don’t let your business become a victim – read on to learn about simple steps you can take to protect your company.

Choosing the Correct Administrator

system administrator is responsible for ensuring that all devices on the network operate properly. This role gives users power over a company’s network of devices.

Pick your systems administrator carefully. You want someone whom you can trust. If this person is going to be running your system, you want him or her to be reliable and mature. It’s a great deal of power, so choose wisely.

Don’t Download It If You Don’t Trust It

Have you ever received an email from someone you don’t know containing an attachment? Many times, these messages carry a virus which can wreak havoc on computers.

Just because you receive an email from someone doesn’t mean you have to open it. Hackers are counting on your sense of curiosity and propriety. Don’t fall prey to their trap.

Put Policies in Place

Rules give people a set of boundaries in which to operate. When it comes to cyber security, these boundaries are crucial.

Develop a clear set of guidelines which tell employees what they can and can’t do online. Giving them a sheet of these rules isn’t enough, though; you have to thoroughly explain why these regulations are important to follow. You need to make it clear to employees that cyber threats can cost the company big, both financially and in terms of reputation.

Have a Backup and Recovery Plan

Have you ever stopped to think how your small business would survive if a natural or man-made disaster struck? It might seem like a hypothetical question which doesn’t warrant thinking about, but ignoring the issue could have significant ramifications for your company.

Putting a backup and recovery plan in place ensures that if something happens to your facility, you can still access the data you need to keep your business up and running. Backup and recovery means that your corporate information is stored offsite, in a place remote enough from your company’s physical location so it won’t be affected by disaster.

Dynamix Solutions: Your Trusted Source for Managed IT Services

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