Signs You’ve Outgrown Your IT Service Provider

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Several businesses are built on the premise of relationships. Sometimes, this relationship loses its spark if not adequately maintained. If you notice that your relationship with your IT service provider has gone sour, it’s time to adopt a new approach.

Is your IT service provider more reactive than proactive? Are you falling behind your competition? Do you have a difficult time getting help when you need it? If you are experiencing any of these issues, it is a sign that you need another service provider.

The business world has evolved. With the emergence of technology, business organizations constantly demand modern technology strategies. This entails that IT service providers must not only be around to deal with problems when they happen. They should be able to proffer solutions to deal with the constantly changing technological space. These include:

  • The impact of technology in attaining an organization’s goals
  • Reducing potential IT risks
  • Integrating new technology
  • Helping organizations adjust to the new hybrid work world

IT industry statistics reveal that 53% of surveyed businesses state that their business operations are becoming complex because of increased data management. Many outsource their vital data and technology functions because they have become so complex, and they need them to run smoothly. Otherwise, their bottom line can suffer as a result.

You may wonder if your IT service provider is meeting your business needs. Well, here are the five signs you need to look out for.

Your Provider Only Fixes Problems

A lot of IT providers are not proactive. They are more concerned with solving the problems in each business activity as they are notified of issues. 

Your IT service provider is not only restricted to resolving IT issues. It is their responsibility to take care of other aspects of the IT operations. If your IT service provider is only performing one of its many functions, then you are not getting the actual value of your resources. 

Common signs

  • No regular checkups
  • Absence of strategy sessions

Your IT service provider mustn’t be limited to simply being a problem fixer after the fact. They must be capable of anticipating future problems and taking adequate steps to avoid them. One good way to notice if your IT provider is doing an excellent job is the presence of an efficient operation. 

Your Provider Doesn’t Recommend New Technologies

It is crucial to keep up with the new trends in your industry’s technology. A common challenge with budding IT service providers is that they lack the needed resources to research and introduce modern technologies for your business activities. 

Common signs

  • Inability to introduce new technological trends
  • Poor knowledge of the business industry

IT providers are regarded as the digital expert of an organization. This position confers the ability to dictate when specific processes do not align with your organization’s needs. Your business will depend on antiquated systems if your IT provider does not suggest innovative technological practices or procedures.

To gain a competitive advantage, your IT service provider must be able to introduce cutting-edge technologies for your business.

Your Employees Complain More About IT Lately

Employees are the pulse beat of your organization. Their contribution can negatively or positively impact business activities. When your employees roll their eyes or get frustrated whenever they use business technology, your IT service provider is not living up to expectations.

Common signs:

  • Staff is distraught with network issues
  • Inability to deliver timely results
  • Slow technology

Technology is designed to assist employees in discharging their duties and produce desirable results when expected. Anything short of this will make them less productive and inefficient. If your employees start complaining about difficulty in using business technology and accomplishing simple tasks, your IT provider is likely not well suited to handle your organization’s needs.

Your Cyber Security Is Lax

Your business may attract the attention of cybercriminals. A major red flag for an IT service provider is not adopting a proactive measure for security. Security protocols are essential for growing companies. 

When cybersecurity is lax, there are tendencies to breach sensitive data. Furthermore, it also puts your organization at risk of non-compliance, especially when government regulations should be diligently followed. 

Common signs:

  • Poor security structure
  • Absence of cybersecurity checkup

When your IT service provider has no effective measure for backup and disaster recovery, this will affect your business operations and expose the organization to many cybersecurity problems. Thus, it is time you move on and protect your business.

Falling Behind the Competition

Having an IT service provider with little knowledge can limit your organization. It will make it difficult for you to meet the market’s demands. You’ll continually experience challenges in meeting up with the industry’s standards.

If your IT service provider cannot help your business align with industry standards, you need to get a more reliable service provider.  

Common signs

  • A longer time to implement solutions
  • Slow business growth

Review Your Options! Talk to Dynamix About Reliable IT Solutions

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If so, it’s time you get help. 

If your IT service provider cannot properly serve your business, contact us to get a quote for proactive and reliable IT support.

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