Should you give Telecommuting the green light?

Telecommuting is a trend that has taken the business world by storm. If you’re feeling the winds tugging at your organization too, here are some pros and cons you’d like to know about before deciding which way to go.

The pros:

  • Telecommuting helps employees and the company save not just money, but time too! This way, employees can often work longer hours, which equals to greater productivity.
  • Telecommuting gives employees more control over their lives, which results in less anxiety, more happiness and (yet again!) more productivity.
  • Let’s face it; all your employees aren’t exactly in love with their 9 to 5 routine. Plus, they have, what we call, their own productive hours. Thus, by allowing your employees to telecommute, you give them the perfect opportunity to work at hours they feel most comfortable and productive in. It’s a great way to keep them from hating their 9 to 5 grind too!
  • Telecommuting improves self-reliance and time management skills in employees. As for the employers, telecommuting enables them to hire highly skilled people.

The cons:

  • You never know when telecommuters might overwork themselves. On the flip side, you never know when they might let their productivity decline due to time management issues too.
  • Due to distance, there can be a breakdown in communication.
  • There is a common complaint from telecommuters that they feel cut off and lonely or depressed from lack of socialization.
  • Telecommuting requires employees to set up home offices, which can take a considerable amount of time.

Now that you know the pros and cons of telecommuting, it might be a little easier for you to decide. Just make sure you have open and strong lines of communication and your employees have strong time management skills. Managers who have a strong understanding of the work ethic and responsibilities of their employees are essential for telecommuting to succeed too.