Selecting the right Malware protection

What is Malware?

Malware is short for malicious software. Many times it is software designed to secretly run on your computer and attempt to steal information, send out spam emails and even in some instances run processes on your computer system and send the result back to another server somewhere online. Malware is hostile, intrusive and a risk to many corporations throughout the Toronto area.

What can you do to prevent malware from infecting your business computer network?

  • Perimeter security – business today must invest in a corporate grade firewall solution to protect their business networks from unauthorized access.  This includes spam, malware, virus, spyware and any other form of unwanted access in the corporate network.  There are many great business firewalls available today.  Our team specializes in many leading security solutions including Cisco, Checkpoint and Symantec.
  • Desktop security – Simply running antivirus software on your computer is not enough.  Today, business requires a robust desktop security solution which does more than alert you when a virus hits your computer.  We need to make sure that potential security gaps and systems are updated when security patches are available.    Through our managed IT services solution, we will make sure your business systems have the right level of support.  Keeping your network safe and secure.
  • Education – Educating computer users is the most important piece.  Technology can fail from time to time, especially in the first few hours of a serious virus or malware outbreak.  Your staff  must be able to spot the signs of malicious software.  Emails that simply don’t look right, Instant Messaging requests that are out of the ordinary and social media services do pose a risk to corporate security systems.  We must educate computer users to spot the potential security risks.

Malicious software protection is “table-stakes” security.  It is a must have for any business in the GTA.  Dynamix helps with making sure corporate business networks are protected by ensuring the right IT security solutions are in place.  We will make sure your systems are managed through our business IT services programs.

We look forward to helping you and feel free to contact us if your business needs only the best Toronto business computer support.  We are reachable at 416.657.2449.

Dynamix Solutions specializes in Microsoft, Symantec, McAfee, Cisco and a number of leading IT security solutions for small business through to enterprise corporations.

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