Report: Managed Services Cut IT costs by 30-40%

From Toronto to Markham, businesses in the GTA are facing more complex IT needs than ever. This is why so many companies are looking into managed services and IT outsourcing.

It can be a massive cost-saver. In fact, a recent report from MarketsandMarkets estimates that managed services can trim at least 30% of your IT spending by reducing the costs of a full time staff.

MarketsandMarkets is a global market research and consulting company based in the U.S. Their data shows that managed services reduce recurring in-house IT costs by 30-40%.

“Managed services are skilled outsourcing functions that transfer in-house functionalities to be managed by third party managed service provider (MSP). Managed services market is witnessing accelerated growth in recent years due to the advancements in cloud computing, big data and mobility services.”

The report also estimates that managed services can also bring about a 50-60% increase in efficiency.”

“Such outsourced services enable organizations to bring in competences that they lack or to replace functions or processes that incurred huge recurring costs.”

More companies are expected to go this route, as MarketsandMarkets also estimates that the managed services market will grow from $142.75 billion in 2013 to $256.05 billion in 2018, at an estimated CAGR of 12.4% from 2013 to 2018.

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