Private vs. Public Cloud Computing

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In the technology industry, it has been debated that the phrase “private cloud” is considered an oxymoron. This is because private clouds are a cloud computing service infrastructure that functions outside of a company’s internal network.

Both private and public clouds offer availability, scalability, performance and reliability. The main difference between a private cloud and a public cloud is that public cloud services don’t offer the same service level or security level agreements that private cloud services can.

What is a Cloud Environment?

Cloud computing involves servers that run software services, which are easily accessed through the Internet by a user. These services are typically paid on a per-usage basis.

Some examples of cloud services in Toronto include enterprise resource planning application software, customer relationship management (CRM) application software and email. The customer assesses the programs through their cloud provider. Because the cloud provider owns the software and hardware, the customer cost of these cloud services are in no comparison of what it would be to purchase and run the same operation in-house.

What are Public Cloud Services?

Public cloud services operate over the Internet and have the potential to be accessible to the general public. Some examples of public cloud services are DropBox, Gmail, Amazon EC2m and Office 365.

What are Private Cloud Services?

Private clouds distribute IT resources from within a corporate firewall and are under the control of the IT department. Some of the benefits of private clouds are:

  • the limitation on the number of users who have access to the company’s data and/or applications;
  • the heightened security and privacy around your company’s operations;
  • more control over to manage it in line with your company’s needs; and
  • the cost and energy efficiency of the service.

Based on the above benefits, a private cloud service is the best choice for businesses that have unpredictable or dynamic computing needs that require direct control.

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