Personal cellphones at work? Yes or No?

So, you have got a cool new personal mobile device which you just can’t do without; so much that you even take it your workplace. We don’t blame you. After all, multitasking is what you got your device for and you are doing just that; mixing social and work activities.

But did you know? Your innocent desire to multitask could bring about serious and unforeseen security, privacy and legal issues! By taking your beloved multi-tasking device to work, you would not only be attracting danger to yourself, you would also be putting your entire company is danger! This might be a bitter pill to swallow but no matter how sad it may be, it is true.

Now you might be thinking, what could your innocent mobile device possibly do to bring about such catastrophic events? After all, you were only trying to be more productive with some (or a lot of) help from your device. The fact is that your personal device does impose threats. The most obvious risk is that your smartphone, tablets and e-readers containing work-related materials could easily get lost. This could put you in a difficult situation as you would not only lose your personal information but also put precious work related info into the wrong hands.

In addition to this, mobile devices are outselling desktop computers. While this is not bad news for us, it could put us mobile device users under serious threat. Cyber thieves who have had much success with hacks and scams on desktops and laptops are definitely not going to let this opportunity go. The number of users of mobile devices is increasing and so is the problem of malware on this new platform.

Likewise, cyber thieves are also likely to steal information off mobile memory cards and run networks of corrupted computers from mobile devices. Now, would it be good if your mobile device became the victim? And wait! There is more coming…Tainted apps are increasing and some of them have even surfaced in the Android Market. What about location tracking? Don’t you think this could introduce unprecedented privacy and legal concerns?

With so many headache inducing issues, do you still think using your mobile device for work is good?

Dynamix specializes in making sure your business network is completely secure.  Understanding the threats that personal mobile devices can bring to your business is something we can help with.  We are your local Toronto IT security specialists and work with companies large and small to understand IT risks.

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