Outsourcing IT for Startups:  A Growing Trend

Outsourced business IT support services can play an important role in providing and maintaining technology-driven applications for your startup.  This is especially the case for small-scale entrepreneurs starting a new business with limited resources.

Often restricted access to investment funding requires a business plan wherein entrepreneurs focus primarily on the business end of their enterprise.

Yet, today’s business demands appropriate IT support to ensure enterprise personnel can effectively use complex hardware, software, networks, automated marketing, and similar often unfamiliar eCommerce tools.

To this end:

  • Outsourcing generates access to the most sophisticated business IT support for firms of all sizes, levelling the competitive field between global corporations and smaller companies.
  • Outsourced IT provides start-up firms with the capacity to enter the marketplace without a large initial investment for in-house IT, allowing resources to be used for revenue-producing business projects.
  • Outsourcing can generate better administration of such essential business tasks as bookkeeping, marketing and sales.
  • Outsourcing IT helps startups access competitive advantages in international enterprise, as well as global labour and service markets.
  • Accessing outside expertise is a cost-effective method of directing operations and team-building, working in concert with your in-house IT.

In combination, these factors contribute to the business’s development and maintenance, allowing a smaller-scale firm to enter the marketplace without a sizable investment for staff, equipment, and office space.   In this respect, outsourcing helps a startup focus on its core business, those tasks that serve customers and generate profits.

Further Advantages of Outsourced Business IT Support

Additional advantages of outsourcing business IT support for startups include:

Improved functional efficiency:

Startups have enough to do getting the business off-the-ground and running.  Focus on your core enterprise objectives can be enhanced by outsourcing business IT support, which will provide many business services — research/development, marketing, office administration, payroll/bookkeeping — more efficiently and at lesser expense, adding to your competitive advantage.

Better control of capital costs:

Outsourcing can generate savings on operating expenses, converting fixed-expenses into variable costs.  For example, pay per-task billing for specifically outsourced activities, rather than regular payments for permanent salaried staff, saves your firm money.  This can reduce the burden of higher-level startup/operating expenditures, as funds can be expressly directed into revenue-generating projects, improving return-on-investment (ROI) while maintaining your company’s budget.

Managing human resources:

While it is true that your employees represent your most valuable workplace resource, startups are all too frequently understaffed or absent key personnel, lacking the economies of scale to pay their salaries.  Outsourcing can improve your access to expert human resources by providing an off-site staff capable of meeting all your business needs, on a pay per-task basis. Labour costs are reduced while work is provided by professional support staff.

Project Implementation:

Rather than spending excess time seeking new personnel to begin specialized projects, outsourcing’s ability to provide key professional assistance aids rapid project implementation, as startups grow and seek better marketplace penetration.

Operationally efficient and cost-effective outsourced IT business support is especially recommended for smaller-scale startups

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