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Does Your Business Do Enough To Mitigate Risk?

Every business should have a strategy and best practices in place to mitigate risks of online hacks, unauthorized access and breaches of security. Businesses hold a large amount of data and personal information about their business practices, staff, contractors and customers. With the privilege of data collection comes the responsibility to protect it from harm. Don’t wait until it’s too late and your brand ends up headlining the news because there was a hack and data leak. This type of damage is difficult to overcome, and many businesses have had to close their doors after a data breach. Step #1 … Read more

Why Outsourced IT Support is a Huge Hit in Healthcare

We recently reported that outsourced IT support in the healthcare industry will create a “market worth 50.4 billion by 2018.” This is a huge leap from the (still substantial) 35 billion in 2013. Why is outsourced IT support such a huge hit in the healthcare industry? This article will explore the facts that have created this boom. The Amount of Data Generated by the Healthcare Industry is Staggering   As the OSF Global Consulting Group noted in a recent eBook, “Healthcare is one of the largest industries worldwide.” This massive industry, which relies heavily on data, generates about two billion pounds of paper and cardboard … Read more

Beware of Fake Remote Desktop Support Scams

You’re used to scams from people pretending to be rich relatives. But you may not have seen one from people pretending to be remote desktop support from Toronto, Markham and the rest of the GTA should beware. Wired.co.uk reported, “scammers have made an estimated tens of millions of dollars by tricking computer users into thinking their PCs are infected.” “The scammers cold call people, tell them that harmless error messages in the Windows Event Viewer are actually signs of a major problem, and then convince them to install a remote desktop program that gives the scammer access to their computer.” … Read more

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Most Organizations Don’t Know This Until They Outsource Their IT

Using the services of IT outsourcing companies is an increasingly popular way to manage a company’s information technology resources. But what advantages do IT outsourcing companies hold over having an internal IT support system? Most companies simply do not know until they make the switch. So that you do not have to learn via trial and error, we are going to break down the IT outsourcing secrets that most companies only learn through personal experience. You Are Spending Too Much Trying to Maintain Your Own Internal IT Support The cost of salaries, tools, updates and other resources you need to maintain … Read more

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Planning to Outsource It? Here’s a Guide That Can Help You

Outsourced IT services have helped companies grow their business and help them align their focus on the actions that deliver growth and superior client satisfaction. Gone are the days when outsourcing seemed like a gamble. Now people can capitalize on technologies and services that the IT partner specializes in. By leveraging and maximizing the opportunities at hand, businesses can grow at an accelerated pace. But as always there needs to be an efficient study and research on the capabilities and the track record of the managed IT services company that you choose to work with. Apart from the obvious factor of … Read more