New Legislation Set To Combat Spam In Canada

How much spam does your Toronto business receive?  If your business is like many, spam is something you have just learned to deal with.  Maybe you have brought in our team at Dynamix to help reduce the amount of spam through deploying a spam filtering solution.  Spam is a huge problem and a huge distraction for many Toronto businesses.

Spam messages have been one of the major curses about doing business online! Thousands of  Toronto business professionals open their Microsoft Outlook mailbox in the morning and you find half of their mailboxes filled with spam messages.  These messages may offer services that make no sense to the recipient, but what about those messages from legitimate businesses which are unwanted?  We all get those.

In the last few years there have been at least a couple of Canadian private member’s bills were introduced in Canadian Parliament with much anticipation but they failed in their efforts to curb the spammers in any sense. But now the Minister of Industry, Tony Clement is trying to make the situation better with his anti-spam Bill C-28.  According to sources Bill C-28 is slated to come into effect around Christmas or the New Year. However there are many Canadian small business owners who fear facing stiff penalties for violating the regulations in the bill when passed.

According to Paul Poellhuber, the COO of ZeroSpam Security the bill is highly harmful for the small business owners as they are not aware of the regulations and even simple e-mails to the prospective clients may cost the companies huge fines. The fine for sending unwanted email messages can range from up to $1 million for individuals to $10 million for businesses. However, Poellhubber also felt “Bill C-28 is the first anti-spam law in Canada. Not a bad thing. Certainly a good thing, but it’s probably badly named because it’s not going to change much about the spam that you and I receive. But what it will change is the complete e-mail practices in Canada and those e-mailers mailing to Canada. Small businesses, we find, are not really aware of C-28. They are not aware that they will now require prior consent from the recipient before sending any commercial e-mail.”

Though the intention of anti-spam Bill-28 is to cut spam emails from your inbox but is that possible? First and foremost, the law is valid only within the borders of Canada and the fines will be imposed on Canadian individuals and business. However, all the top spammers and botnets in the world are not located within Canada.   So will Minister Clements’ bill make a real difference?

As you can see there aren’t much chances of spam messages being reduced in your mailbox but rather this bill will promote e-mail best practices within Canada.

Do you have questions about how to limit the amount of spam your Toronto business receives?  Our team at Dynamix has a number of solutions designed to curb the amount of spam a small business receives.  Speak to our team today and learn how your Toronto Tech Support team can help you with all your email and messaging security.

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