Network Monitoring Services – Why You Need Them

network monitoring services Many businesses are turning to third party network monitoring services.  The number of exploits on the internet is staggering, and trying to keep up with all the new ones coming out each day can cost an IT department one person just to scan everything on the network for every exploit possible, find the hardware involved, and then install the patches.

What do you get when you purchase network-monitoring services?

  • Peace of mind:  Someone is watching your network for possible intrusions.
  • Consistent scanning:  They scan your network for any possible threat and provide threat reports for your IT administrators.
  • Traffic flow monitoring:  You are alerted whenever traffic flow into or out of your business suggest foul play.
  • Internal and external monitoring:  Your internal private networks can be monitored as easily as your public networks.

It is true that your IT department can do all this themselves with an internal application that looks at both your public and private infrastructure but the cost of providing this yourself is much more than that of using a third party.

Scanning networks for new exploits as they become known

A third party operator can get new definitions for exploits into their scanner and set up scans of networks in minutes rather days or even after a device is hacked causing many more hours of labor to diagnose and fix.  Businesses are able to select how often scans are run even down to selecting segments of networks to run the scans.  Once reports of the scans are ready your system and network administrators can easily remediate any vulnerability.

Network Monitoring services and network equipment logs

Server and network hardware all have logs that can be scanned in real time for intrusion detection.  Keeping someone in-house just to monitor server and network logs can and is expensive.  Often items get overlooked or missed in the process of looking at too many logs.  A third party can take those logs and watch all your equipment looking for threats related to known exploits over numerous devices to provide you with the information needed to block those threats at your routers.

Your cost savings is in the numbers

When you look at the number of times each month an exploit comes out and how often your system and network administrators need to download exploit definitions and then run them against every piece of network, server, and desktop device out there you will find that the benefits of network monitoring services outweigh the cost of the employees.  Those same employees are now able to provide you with extended services and upgrade your networks in a more timely fashion providing the rest of your company with greater productivity.

You can find third party network monitoring services in the cloud as one of the newest in cloud services related to IT security.  Provide yourself with peace of mind, a heaver wallet, and give some time back to your administrators by purchasing one of these services.

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