Nearly Half of Surveyed Businesses Intend to Outsource IT in 2014

The current trend towards outsourcing IT Services goes beyond Toronto and Markham.

In fact, a study of more than 490 contracts worth £10 billion reveals that 45 per cent of those surveyed said that they will “certainly” or “probably” increase IT outsourcing over the next 12 months. That number is more than double last year’s 19 per cent.

Meanwhile, 77 per cent of respondents confirmed they intend to continue to outsource at the same rate as current levels or increase levels of outsourcing.

These numbers were recently released in the seventh annual Service Provider Performance and Satisfaction study, released by KPMG.

More businesses also seem to be moving towards cloud-based technologies as well. The same survey reveals that 72 per cent see the cloud as complementing traditionally outsourced services.  64 per cent of respondents said they have either adopted cloud technologies already, or will do so before the end of 2014.

The biggest driver towards outsourcing IT services seems to be the need for better service. The survey shows that 48 per cent of those surveyed said their decision to outsource would be driven by a desire for improved service.

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