Most Organizations Don’t Know This Until They Outsource Their IT

Using the services of IT outsourcing companies is an increasingly popular way to manage a company’s information technology resources. But what advantages do IT outsourcing companies hold over having an internal IT support system? Most companies simply do not know until they make the switch.

So that you do not have to learn via trial and error, we are going to break down the IT outsourcing secrets that most companies only learn through personal experience.

You Are Spending Too Much Trying to Maintain Your Own Internal IT Support

The cost of salaries, tools, updates and other resources you need to maintain internal IT support will add up fast. Outsourced IT support, on the other hand, makes the cost of keeping your network running smoothly much more manageable.

Outsourced IT Companies Show You Where Your Money Is Going

When you are managing IT yourself, it can be difficult to see how the costs add up. An outsourced company, on the other hand, will be able to give you a line item breakdown of where the costs are coming from, based on what your network needs.

American Structure Point, for example, discusses in a recent whitepaper how an IT company should perform a “thorough assessment to understand (their clients’) current systems and gather information regarding the quality of IT services (their clients) had been receiving.”

Outsourced IT Companies Expand Your Technological Capabilities

New technologies to make the management of your network easier and your security stronger are being developed every day. As a part of what they do, an outsourced IT company will be among the first to use these tools. This means that you will gain early access without having to incur extra costs.

Outsourcing IT Support Streamlines Your Ability to Manage Your Network

An eBook written by Jeffrey Tucker, Corrie DeCamp and Kelley Mavros of Booz&Co explains how it is a primary objective of all outsourced IT companies to “Increase standardization to improve flexibility.” This clearly illustrates how it is a primary business goal for most outsourcing companies in the IT business to make integration as easy as possible for their clients.

You Can Protect Yourself from the Risks People Associate with IT

One of the biggest reasons that many organizations are hesitant to make the switch to an external IT company is security because outsourcing requires you to hand over some level of access and control over your digital resources. You can, however, put safeguards in place to protect your assets. For example, you can:

  • Maintain sole control over your website’s domain
  • Only allow registrar access to your domain via a helpdesk
  • Create a contract wherein the outsourced IT company suffers severe penalties for misusing sensitive data
  • Prevent outsourced personnel from accessing sensitive data

Are You Using the Right IT Support Solutions for Your Business?

Instead of perceiving IT outsourcing based on myths, consider concrete facts like the ones discussed in this article before you decide whether or not working with outsourced IT companies is right for your company.

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