Microsoft looks at bad cell phone habits

Microsoft teamed up with Harris Interactive to conduct the phone survey to commemorate the launch of its Windows Phone 7 (recently launched here in the Toronto area). The survey was conducted on more than 2,000 adults to find out what bad phone behaviours are. The most startling finding of the survey was the fact that 72 percent of the respondents felt that the phone was one of their pet peeves while only 18 percent people admitted being guilty when it came to behaving badly themselves.

Are you in the habit of answering to a phone call even while attending a funeral? Do you regularly interrupt conversations with others when your phone buzzes saying “Please excuse me or just a moment”. Do you carry the cell phone to your restroom? You are one of those users who have bad phone behaviour according to Microsoft’s latest survey. Microsoft has now taken the mantle to change this and encourage people like you to shun these practices or should it be said ill practices.

Cell phones can’t seem to afford a break even in the restroom! As much as 40 percent said they had used a mobile phone in a bathroom. Who on earth said taking bath or answering to nature’s call was a private affair? The good thing about the survey was the fact that close to 48 percent felt that talking on a mobile phone in a public restroom was inappropriate.

Generation Y seems to be obsessed with the gadget more than their adult counterparts. 19 percent or one out of five respondents said they had dropped their mobile phone in the toilet. 64 percent of the respondents aged between 18 to 24 said they had lost their phone somewhere unusual, like in the refrigerator or on the couch. For Generation Y the gadget seems to have developed some magnetic features and stick to them wherever they go.

85 percent said it was inappropriate to use your phone on a date. But when it comes being with friends and family 40 percent of respondents said they are okay with it. A quarter of respondents had used their phones during a date with the number peaking to 40 percent for the under 24 respondents. The respondents ironically recognized doing this as a faux pas.

Religious ceremonies, wakes and funerals haven’t been spared with 90 percent respondents found nothing wrong using a cell phone there but the figure drops to 82 percent during a wedding. People seem to have forgotten the pleasure of a holiday with 47 percent of mobile phone owners under 35 either talked with colleagues or checked work e-mail at holiday gatherings. 25 percent of men between 18 and 34 use the phone to find somewhere to go to get away from the gathering while 11 percent used the phones to fake an illness to make an escape.

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