Optimize Your Microsoft Licensing

Microsoft offers businesses throughout the Toronto area many different models and programs that aid in licensing the use of their products and software.  When we meet with Toronto business owners and IT staff,  we find that just sitting down with your Toronto IT support team at Dynamix and exploring options around the different licensing models can save thousands in annual licensing expenses.  Microsoft’s licensing can be very complex – we are here to help.

Microsoft offers many licensing programs that can be extremely complex.  There are licensing models that are tailored to fit the small business right through specific models and programs designed for the largest of corporations.

Which licensing program is right for your Toronto business?

Microsoft does offer flexibility across their licensing models based on company size, level of commitment and how much you use their products.  However, it is this complexity that sometimes leads to your organization to invest in the wrong licensing model and overspending on your Microsoft licensing.

According to research by the Info-Tech Research Group, Microsoft licensing agreements account for almost 50% of a corporation’s software budget and less than 50% prepare to enter into some sort of negotiations around their licensing investment.  Having a Microsoft Partner in your corner who understands licensing will help your business obtain the right licensing for the right price.

Our team at Dynamix can help you with your Microsoft licensing.  We can help in the following ways:

  • Bring clarity to your Microsoft licensing options.
  • Help you understand if Open Value Subscription, Open Business or regular Open Value is right for you.
  • Will your business benefit from Microsoft Software Assurance?
  • Get you on the right program that could end up saving your hundreds or thousands on your licensing costs.

Dynamix is a Toronto-based Microsoft Partner with specialization on helping business align technology to support the goals of the organization.  Call today to arrange a consultation around your Microsoft licensing or any other concerns you have with Information Technology.  Our number is 416.657.2449.

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