Microsoft and Research In Motion Partner Up To Help Business

Founder & CEO at Dynamix Solutions

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The world is becoming more mobile, and more people are using their smart phones to do business. Smart phones are lighter and easier to carry than laptops or tablets. People already use them to send emails, update their Facebook statuses and post tweets. So, Research in Motion’s (RIM) introduction of the BlackBerry Business Cloud Services for Microsoft 365 is a welcome improvement for many.

With the Business Cloud Services for Microsoft 365 people can securely access and work on important client accounts, internal business reports and any other mission-critical data that needs their attention. Being able to safely do business on the go is important for salespeople and others who do a lot of traveling.

The trademarked BlackBerry Business Cloud Services for Microsoft Office 365 became available to the general public in January 2012. With this new service for business and government organizations, customers can manage, in the cloud, the work they do on their BlackBerrys. It’s free and available to current medium sized businesses and enterprises that already subscribe to the Office 365 suite or standalone Exchange Online. The new offering is a blessing for IT professionals, too.

According to a press release on RIM’s website, IT professionals can “provision, manage and secure BlackBerry smartphones from anywhere.” Other bonuses include the ability for users to easily reset the device’s password or remotely lock it in the event that it is lost or stolen; “a web-based console allows IT administrators to have remote access to the devices to secure them or resolve issues, if necessary;” and managed service providers can use the cloud service to manage BlackBerry operations on behalf of their clients.

The collaboration between Microsoft and RIM could prove to be a win-win situation. BlackBerrys are popular in the enterprise world, so those who were reluctant to give Microsoft Office 365 a try, now have a chance to do so risk free.

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