Mandatory Ten Digit Calling Comes To Saskatchewan May 11, 2013

10 digit dialing in CanadaMuch of Canada has been used to ten digit dialing for a number of years, however some provinces are still transitioning to 10 digit calling. Saskatchewan is the next province migrating from 7-digit calling to 10-digit dialing with introduction of the new 639 area code.

The CRTC announced that starting May 11, 2013, 10 digit dialing will become mandatory in the province of Saskatchewan. The transition to 10 digit dialing in Saskatchewan will be phased in starting February 25, 2013.  Callers who dial 7 digits will hear an announcement advising them to include the area code in all future calls.

The 639 area code will be introduced on May 25, 2013 to prevent a shortage of telephone numbers in the province of Saskatchewan. This means that customers could be given a number starting with 639 versus the long standing 306 area code.

This method is unlike Alberta when the 780 area code was introduced. They split the province in half with those north of the Battle River using 780 while those south of the Battle River maintained the 403 area code.  Alberta has since overlaid new area codes in Calgary.

The overlay method was chosen in Saskatchewan versus splitting the province. The overlay method allows a greater number of telephone numbers to be issued as it is not affected by population concentrations.

There is a challenge facing businesses in Saskatchewan who have aging telephone systems. Many of these legacy PBX telephone systems cannot support 10 digit dialing. Businesses throughout the province will need to replace their aging telephone systems with new on premise PBX or VoIP telephone systems or elect to use a cloud-based hosted telephone system. Not sure if your business telephone system can support 10 digit calling? Contact us and arrange a discussion.

Do you have questions about 10 digit calling in Saskatchewan? SaskTel has a Frequently Asked Questions website available to answer many of your questions. Click here to review SaskTel’s FAQs.

Remember, if you are not sure if your business is ready for 10 digit calling, give us a call today and speak with us.