Dynamix Solutions’ managed IT services provide various offsite Hybrid IT solutions, with responsibilities ranging from on-demand response to all-year-round managed IT support. Our managed IT solutions are available for both on-site IT and remote support. We help businesses reduce costs, improve IT performance, and maintain uptime.

Our managed IT services Toronto cover a wide range of tasks, with the most common being:

  • Remote hardware and infrastructure monitoring and administration.
  • Cloud service configuration, monitoring, and IT managed services. These services can be provided in conjunction with or independently of managed cloud services..
  • Monitoring, penetration testing, threat hunting, and incident managed services, among other security services.
  • Communications support such as IP telephone services

Dynamix Solutions ensures that the IT tasks in your business are dealt with 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can offer specific knowledge or skill that would otherwise have been unavailable.


As a reliable managed services provider, Dynamix offers exceptional and beneficial IT solutions to Toronto businesses that hire us. These benefits include:

Favourable Contractual terms

Our managed services Toronto give you the option to create contract agreements for IT tasks. Therefore, you won’t have to waste time seeking, employing, or training IT personnel. This will allow you to pay just for the services you require, ultimately avoiding the costs involved with keeping full-time members of staff.

Helps make your expenditure predictable.

It can be expensive to invest in IT systems and networks. Predicting the running expenses as your firm expands might be difficult, since investing in IT requires it upfront. However, these costs can be aggregated into a single, fixed set charge when you outsource IT services in Toronto. We often charge monthly prices, and as such, problems such as hardware failures, maintenance, and fixes can be factored into the company’s operational budget.

Improves company productivity

Your employees can get a chance to entirely focus on income-generating duties when you outsource IT responsibilities to Dynamix Solutions. Our company can often offer advice that could assist you to boost the effectiveness of your IT infrastructure. This ultimately leads to increased production and a better return on investment.

Assured Experience and Expertise

One of the many significant advantages of getting our managed services is hiring a workforce with industry-specific qualifications, training, certifications, and expertise. When you work with a managed service provider, you’ll have access to the most cutting-edge technology available, and you’ll be able to apply it swiftly.

Improves uptime management

We upgrade and maintain your systems in off-hours – you’ll experience more uptime and fewer workflow interruptions when MSPs create flexible schedules that can work around your schedule.

Award Winning Managed IT Services

DYNAMIX MANAGED IT SERVICES We Offer for Toronto Businesses:

At Dynamix Solutions, we offer a variety of Managed Information Technology Services aimed at increasing business productivity. Our managed services in Toronto include expert installation and implementation, remote and on-site system management, among others.

We primarily offer:

Administration of systems

Dynamix can help manage and maintain your operating systems, database servers, and applications.


You can get expert advice and problem-solving services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on whatever schedule you choose.

Reporting & monitoring

Dynamix will keep an eye on your entire network system to ensure it’s tuned, efficient, and trouble-free.

Support & deployment

From strategic planning, legacy system migration to hardware sourcing, maintenance, and support, Dynamix tailors a tech world to meet your individual needs.


Dynamix offers fully implemented security solutions, including firewall management, dark web monitoring, VPNs, identity theft protection and intrusion detection monitoring to keep your data and systems safe.

If you have any questions about our managed IT services:

Simply call us at our Toronto office (416) 657-2449 or our Calgary office (403) 456-2183.

Who Needs Managed IT Services Provider?

Because of the complexity of current corporate technology, firms are experiencing more hurdles than ever before in ensuring everything is up and running. Managed IT services providers in Toronto can help businesses minimize in-house IT strain, or fill gaps left by existent IT jobs and skills. As such, businesses constantly need our Toronto managed IT services so that they can focus on achieving their objective. Businesses that can benefit from our managed IT services include:

Organizations with an overstretched IT Department

When your IT department is overstretched, you can hire us to cover the gaps that your IT personnel cannot. Getting professional managed IT services Toronto will ensure that your business runs smoothly without any hitches since the IT systems and infrastructure are well cared for, and your IT department can focus on innovations and improving your business.

Firms that lack financial resources for their own IT staff

If you are a start-up, hiring and maintaining your own IT staff may cause a strain on your budget. Thus, you can employ managed service providers’ services to cater to all your IT needs as you focus on growing your business.

Companies with a temporary need for specific IT services

You may require a reliable managed IT services provider in case you need specific Toronto IT services done for your company temporarily. This could be a heavy task that could overwhelm your IT staff, and the additional help from our exceptional Toronto IT solutions will ensure it is done quickly.

Industries We Serve at Dynamix Solutions



The need for reliable IT solutions is paramount in the education sector – however, managing your system infrastructure may be time-consuming and difficult, especially at the scale required for education providers and schools. Through our managed IT solutions at Dynamix Solutions, we assist the education industry by taking care of administrative tasks as educators keep control of education.



We serve the health industry by safeguarding key systems and medical devices vital to data protection and patient privacy, such as health information and financial information. Moreover, we assist healthcare sectors by improving your IT systems to function effectively by monitoring, managing, and regulating healthcare operations through mobile devices and electronic systems.



Our managed IT systems are vital in the digital finance sector, as they assist financial institutions in scaling up and streamlining their operations to be more efficient. We assist the financial sector in improving its system security, efficiency, flexibility, and compliance with standard regulations.



Accounting firms benefit from our managed IT security services as they can help you better your data security, improve accuracy, and strengthen efficiency in service delivery. Through our managed IT systems, automation has been advanced and streamlined to generate more accurate data modelling and mining reports, along with the reports that are also vital for financial analysis and decision-making.



Law firms benefit from our IT security services for document management, disaster recovery & backup, and system security management. Our IT support services help you better your customer experience and improve employee engagement by upscaling operational capabilities.



Our IT support services at Dynamix Solutions assist manufacturing industries by offering appropriate solutions to minimize downtime, balancing innovation and execution. They also work to improve your platform coordination between suppliers and vendors, while also monitoring processes. We help you stay ahead of your competitors by allowing you to be more creative and productive in the long run.



Our IT security and support services’ predictive analytics are essential in helping you derive insights and augment delivery with automation. Additionally, our managed IT services enable mortgage companies to scale up to access a pool of talents and integrate a quality control framework for increased accountability and accuracy.



Our managed IT services help enhance your technological platforms and interfaces in order to help you attract customers as we manage your IT infrastructure. Your organization will experience a boost in productivity, guaranteed network security, and more effortless scalability essential for fostering better operability.

Why Choose Dynamix Solutions

Working with Dynamix Solutions is equivalent to having a dynamic partner prepared to address your problems and produce compelling results. Additionally, with Dynamix Solutions, you will have an experienced partner who will allow you to divide your tasks with a group of trained specialists. Choose our managed services if you’re looking for:

A high quality of service with minimal IT breakdowns and work downtimes, increasing the effectiveness of your operations.

Access to the most up-to-date, cutting-edge technological solutions without the need for costly equipment or software licenses.iveness of your operations.

Help preventing costly IT surprises by sticking to your IT the effectiveness of your operations.

Help preventing IT problems before they happen by keeping a close eye on your IT system and network.

Providing you with service level agreements that have explicit objectives and review times so that you can assess their performance.

Providing remote access for support and service throughout help-desk hours, which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Meeting legal, health, and government regulatory compliance requirements.

Offering offsite data centres which will ensure that your data is secure.


Simply call us at our Toronto office (416) 657-2449 or our Calgary office (403) 456-2183.

Frequently Asked Questions

Managed IT services can be described as information technology (IT) tasks delivered to a customer by a third-party contractor; the managed services provider retains responsibility for the IT service and equipment's performance in this arrangement. The customer usually pays a service fee every month to receive the service. There are many examples of managed IT services solutions, but the goal is to shift the responsibility for IT maintenance from the customer to the managed services provider. This way, the customer can focus on key business concerns instead of IT management tasks while benefitting from predictable pricing from their managed IT services provider.
Managed Service providers (MSPs) help relieve IT staff of their duty, complement the team who cannot fulfil the IT demand, or completely replace the IT department. Managed service providers (MSPs) can help make sure that IT issues are dealt with 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in addition to providing specific knowledge or skills that might otherwise be inaccessible. Organizations should ensure that all potential Managed Services Providers (MSPs) they partner with effectively implement data security and privacy standards to ensure that they are compliant with each and every relevant regulatory authority.
Managed IT services costs are dependent on the type of service you are getting. For break/fix services, you will be required to pay a single price. For devices, you will spend between 35 to 250 dollars per device per month, depending on the size and complexity. For managed services, you will be required to pay 125 to 175 dollars per user per month.
Managed IT services provide services such as IT system support and deployment, administration of systems, monitoring and reporting of IT systems and networks, training and security services, and problem-solving services.
Managed IT service providers can help your business improve productivity by ensuring staff focus on work, improve uptime management, help you have a predictable and scalable budget, and assure you that experienced personnel will handle your IT issues.

Dynamix is the ideal company for managed IT services in Toronto. We are one of the top-rated IT companies in Canada, revolutionizing businesses with industry-leading IT solutions. Contact us now!

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