Our managed IT services offer many such specializations, including:

  • Security such as threat hunting, penetration testing, monitoring, and incident response.
  • Management and remote monitoring of IT infrastructure
  • Management, monitoring, and configuration of cloud.

Companies can leverage managed IT services to fill gaps left by the existing IT roles and benefit from remote hybrid IT. At Dynamix Solutions, we offer IT services for private cloud storage and on-premises IT. This improves uptime management, increase IT efficiency, and reduce the in-house overhead.

There are enormous benefits that an organization can gain from our professional managed IT services, such as better management of uptime, increased efficiency, and simple contractual terms. However, despite the numerous benefits, there are some considerations you need to be aware of when working with MSPs:

Get strategic IT planning: Your provider should fully understand your infrastructure and manage it according to your business objectives and goals. They should help you in strategically planning your infrastructure configuration changes and upgrades, thus planning should be long-term.

Find providers with a sound track record: Verify the MSP’s track of record before engaging them. Reliable providers should be able to let you know comparable organizations they have

Hold providers accountable: The MSP you choose should have actionable and clearly defined SLAs. The accountability should involve clear reporting of system performance and the provision of metrics.

If you have any questions about our managed IT services:

Simply call us at our Toronto office (416) 657-2449 or our Calgary office (403) 456-2183.


At Dynamix Solutions, we offer a variety of Managed Information Technology Services aimed at increasing business productivity

Systems Administrations

Our Dynamix team provides management and maintenance to your server, applications, and computing infrastructure. We oversee your IT infrastructure and relieve the high costs of recruiting an in-house team.


We offer 24/7 availability for any questions or advice on infrastructure-related concerns. Staff can contact our support team when they encounter system program/protocol-related issues during business operations — our team records and monitors requests to ensure quick responses and resolutions.

Monitoring & Reporting

Dynamix uses advanced remote monitoring and management tools to continuously monitor the health of your network infrastructure, applications, and servers. We quickly address any issue to keep your infrastructure running.

Deployment & Support

Our IT solutions are specifically tailored to your business needs, from strategy formulation and legacy systems migration to hardware management and support.


We have security solutions such as firewall management, VPN, and dark web monitoring to defend against cyber threats and ensure the safety of your data and the entire network. Your security is our priority, and we keep up with the latest software updates to ensure no viruses or hackers bypass your organization.


Dynamix team operates with the latest technologies and equipment in mind to ensure we deliver our managed IT services on an up-to-date level and eliminate the need for small and medium-sized enterprises to purchase new computer software and hardware.

They are also ideal for organizations whose IT services are reactive rather than being proactive; thus, we are always striving to keep up with phases of a growing business in a digitalized world. A growing organization won’t experience financial surprises such as “upgrade charges” from Dynamix, since we typically work on flat monthly fees.

Start-up organizations that lack their own IT staff can also enormously benefit. Additionally, growing established companies may encounter temporary needs for specific solutions, and computing capabilities, choosing to opt for Dynamix managed IT support.

Why Choose Dynamix Solutions

Technology is dynamic, and the Dynamix Solutions team is there to help you implement the latest technologies and maximize network uptime. Effective consulting and efficient IT services are integral for your business to stay competitive in today’s economy. Our proactive IT services ensure that your network is secure, and you have access to a prompt technical support team in an effective manner.

We are an industry-leading Calgary provider and professionally handle any IT-related challenges. We offer modern support that will improve your business performance and technology through continuous monitoring and management of the entire IT infrastructure and are committed to being Calgary’s top-rated IT consulting company.

Our team is highly experienced, and committed 100% to every task in order to ensure the best results in the set timeframe. Our experience in handling various IT tasks from our clients, along with our unmatched flexibility, customer service, and knowledge, gives us a unique perspective to provide better solutions to your IT infrastructure. We strongly believe in our brand, reputation, and image, and we offer a cost-saving strategy for your organization.


Simply call us at our Toronto office (416) 657-2449 or our Calgary office (403) 456-2183.

Frequently Asked Questions

IT tasks are provided by a third-party contractor and delivered to a customer. MSP retains responsibilities for the functionality of the IT infrastructure, and the customer pays a given fee after the service.
In outsourcing, the external company offers a specific service to a specific business need, while in managed services, the service providers take a more holistic approach.
MSPs perform remote management of infrastructure, configuration, management, monitoring of cloud, communication support, and security such as threat hunting, penetration testing, and monitoring.
In managed services, the customer outsources all the problems and solutions to a third-party company (output). In staff augmentation, the organization outsources specific functions and tasks (input).
They usually range from managed hardware, managed networking, managed security, managed support, and managed cloud infrastructure to SaaS, IT consulting, and managed communication.

At Dynamix Solutions, we make it simple and easy! Our Calgary IT solutions ensure your business is appropriately managed and protected to give you the best value possible. Contact us today and talk to our experts about our services in Calgary.

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