Majority of Canadian sites leak registered users’ personal information

Yes, you read that right. Your favorite Canadian site might have been leaking your personal information to third parties without even telling you. A recent research finding from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada revealed the shocking news. According to the commissioner, leading and popular websites in Canada are sharing the personal information of their registered users inappropriately.

A website may contain different types of visitor information. For instance, you might need to register to a particular website with your full name, your email address, telephone number and so on. This information is supposed to be kept under the safe custody of the site and not be used for any other purpose or provided to any third party. This is the norm for all websites that require users to register in their databases for certain services or products. According to the study, a large majority of Canadian websites have violated this norm and leaked the personal information to third parties. These third parties are mostly marketing companies that use the information to spam your email box and also irritate you through direct mail. The study also found out that site visitors weren’t informed about this.

This is indeed a big concern for the privacy rights of Canadians. This is also a breach of federal privacy law. The study hasn’t disclosed the names of these websites involved. The sites that were included in the study are some of the most popular in Canada and come from sectors such as media, travel and online shopping.

The same complaints were also raised against a few US-based websites when personal information of their users was leaked. However, this is a more severe case because the websites in connection are deliberately leaking the information to others. The Privacy Commissioner of Canada has already initiated a detailed investigation into this and asked different organizations to provide information about their practices. The issue is so crucial that it will need intervention from all concerned authorities.

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