Low IT Support Leads To Low Productivity

A multitude of inventions have lead to greater productivity over the ages, with one of the biggest boosts occurring during the beginning of the industrial age. The next big leap forward in productivity took place with the digital revolution, which has provided workers with information technology support that helps streamline repetitive data-based tasks. Without this type of support, employees are more likely to suffer from reduced productivity compared with their peers.

IT Support Leads to Success

A report published by the National Business Research Institute says that “companies that don’t upgrade or ignore the necessity for tech tools like PCs, Blackberries, cell phones and other 21st century tools, run the risk of diminished employee productivity.” Employees of Intel were cited as part of this research, finding that when furnished with wireless laptops, their employee productivity increased by more than 100 hours per year while increasing worker flexibility in terms of time management.

One of the benefits of information technology revolves around flexibility, which allows workers to stay home and work rather than commute to an office, which saves both time and stress, leading to better productivity.

Russia’s relatively low productivity compared to Western states is partially due to outdated technology and IT support, which reflects a reduction of innovation due to a lack of competition.

Bad IT Leads to Burnout

One of the worst hits to productivity that a business will ever experience revolves around employee burnout. When an employee is overworked and stressed out, worker output inevitably plummets. Burnout takes place for a variety of reasons, including no control over an employee’s own work, a lack of support, poor work-life balance and a dysfunctional work atmosphere.

When a company doesn’t provide proper information technology support for their workers, it can lead to all of the above. Faulty or slow computers can eat up the workday, forcing employees to spend longer periods of time at work, which affects work-life balance. The frustration of having to deal with barely functioning computer systems can lead to impatience among staff members, increasing conflict between staff members.

Solid IT support for your staff leads to greater efficiency and reduces burnout. Automated computer processes reduce time spent on rote tasks while internet and intranet connectivity allows peers to communicate with one another in an open manner, leading to better collaboration.

Are You in Need of IT Support Services?

Regardless of the type of business that your company operates, supporting your employees through excellent IT helps to increase their productivity. Consult with an expert in outsourced IT services, such as those at Dynamix Solutions, to discover more about how information technology increases productivity while decreasing the amount of stress they feel while on the job.


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