Life Sciences Orgs to Invest a Third of Their IT Budgets in The Cloud

IT outsourcing services MarkhamThe cloud continues to be a major reason that businesses choose IT outsourcing services in Markham and Toronto.

The life sciences sector seems to be adopting the technology a bit faster than most. A recent report claims about 28 per cent of those surveyed from the life science industry have adopted cloud-based solutions.

These statistics were recently released on a report titled, The Life Sciences Technology Landscape Report 2014. It was released by NextDocs, a provider of Cloud-based clinical document management and eTMF solution.

“We’re beginning to see a rapid change in the business and IT strategies of life sciences companies, a notable shift towards adoption of Cloud-based clinical solutions,” said Matt Walz, chief strategy officer at NextDocs

“The primary concern for life sciences companies is trusting their Cloud services are secure and meet applicable privacy and compliance requirements. Ironically, only about one in five life sciences companies have IT security programs in place that are formally managed, audited and enforced,” he added.

The report also states that about half of the life science industry is still managing essential documents manually. Whereas, roughly one-third of respondents rely on paper-based manual systems and 20 per cent use a hybrid system.

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