Lack of security will destroy your business

Let’s face it: one security breach is enough to destroy a company. All the important data you’ve stored and all the relationships you’ve built with your clients over the years; they can all be taken away by just one security breach. But most businesses (especially small ones) fail to realize this. If you – as a small business owner – too feel that you can’t possibly be the target of beonline thieves or hackers, here are some interesting statistics to prove you wrong.

A survey conducted by – a website of the National Cyber Security Alliance – in partnership with Visa has found that about 65% of the respondents are highly dependent on their computer / IT / data systems, where they store important information, from sensitive company financial records to personal client information (think credit card info, addresses and phone numbers, and more). Most businesses (as many as 85%), however, believe that they will not be targeted by hackers and online thieves. Likewise, more than half of the respondents have data security systems in which they are not confident. To put a long story short, small businesses have mediocre security systems, which, instead of protecting them, could turn them into hackers’ prey. Alright, you might not have as many online assets as big business do, but just think of this; why on earth would hackers target big businesses with stellar security systems when they can break into mediocre ones and still make a huge profit? Now that you’ve finally got it, do make it your New Year resolution to beef up your business’ security system.

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