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SAN vs. NAS: What’s Right for Your Business?

Both Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Networks (SANs) provide your business with a networked storage solution. The key difference between NAS and SAN is that SAN is a local network of numerous devices operating on disk blocks and NAS is a single storage device operating on data files.

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Dynamix How to Reduce Business IT Support Costs

How to Reduce Business IT Support Costs


Dynamix How to Reduce Business IT Support Costs

Business IT support is one of the biggest expenses that any company has to deal with and rightly so. In this day and age, information and technology are the basic foundation of business operations.

But the problem that most businesses are experiencing is that this cost for business IT support is getting out of control.

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What Metrics Count in Managed It Service Industry?

Many companies are embracing the services of an IT service provider purely owing to the fact that they are worried about the security threats caused due to the expanding teams and increasing probability of human error and negligence. Many companies also opt to work with a managed IT services provider since they also want to prove that they adhere to standard regulations or to highlight their compliance with certain standards followed by the industry. While many businesses seek an ally to help maintain a secure network, many seek partners who are important to laying the foundation to the growth plans … Read more

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IT Managed Services and Its Role In Attaining Long Term Business Goals

Companies seek managed IT services to gain access to services, products and skills that were otherwise unavailable. Having these services onboard enables organizations to increase productivity and reduce costs of the operations while bettering customer experience and product quality. In companies that manage their own IT teams, there is a great investment of time and efforts on these operations. Many times, a great number of resources are diverted towards the same and there is a reduced focus on the most important aspects of the business. This curtails businesses from achieving the level of excellence they had set out to achieve. … Read more


Keeping Your IT Systems Secure With These 10 Easy Tips

Yes, you’re paying your outsourced IT support to keep your systems secure. But is there anything YOU can do? Always! Here are 10 easy ways to enhance your IT security, so you’ll have more peace of mind, and the ability to attend to other aspects of your business. 1. Treat Your Passwords like Assets Oftentimes, people treat their passwords as nuisances rather than important part of their digital security system. Instead, you must treat your passwords like cash and protect them as well as you can. 2. Change Your Passwords Often In addition to protecting your password, you should also … Read more