IT Setup Checklist for a New Office

Moving to a new office has a number of elements that need to be considered. Whether you are relocating to a new space or opening a new business, adequate planning should be put in place to reduce the impact moving has on the financial and operational aspects of an organization.

A managed IT services provider is a valuable asset in coordinating your move. By delegating responsibilities to an IT provider, you reduce the stress and the complications that occur when moving to a new office.

Here is a basic IT setup checklist for a new office space to get you started: “Examine Software and Hardware Needs” Your short- and long-term needs need to be evaluated in regards to the procurement of software licences and hardware. It’s best to ask yourself what critical business applications need to be added, how many employees will be using these applications and how often will the application be updated.  An IT outsourcing provider is able to navigate compliance processes and procurement to make sure your business has high-quality equipment. IT setup for your new office isn’t just about the hardware. It’s also ideal that your managed services provider visits your office space to perform an on-site survey. Reviewing the floor plans will help determine if there are enough available outlets, setup locations for photocopiers, printers, scanners and faxes, and the number of phone lines and workstations required. Your business’s data is critical. This is why backing up your data is always important, but especially during moving time. To prepare for worst case scenarios, such as damaged or lost equipment, you need to make sure that a full recovery of your data is possible. An IT setup and outsourcing company will be there to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

When moving to a new office space, the IT aspect can be complicated. When handled properly, service interruptions can be limited. This saves you money and time as well as keeping your staff and clients happy.

Want to know what else needs to be considered when making a new office setup checklist? Contact Dynamix Solutions to help you make the move and ensure you have the proper tools for business.

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