The Right Approach to Managed IT services

Many businesses that set out to hit ambitious growth numbers soon realized that managed IT services help in diversifying and managing the business better. Essentially, business leaders realized that there is a need to invest money on these services to save time. This time would soon be the most important asset that they have. Many of the service providers seek to seal deals with businesses by offering them a list of services and thereby eventually bill the client for a large amount of time being consumed by the business. The concern is that most support providers wait for the clients … Read more

11 Benefits of Managed Services for Your IT Needs

benefits of managed services for your it needs e1627058967800Managed services is a term that refers to the practice of outsourcing your company’s IT computer network support and management to improve business operations. Companies like Dynamix Solutions would take the place of a full-time IT professional that you would normally have on staff.

Companies that provide these managed services are called Managed Services Providers (MSP).

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Common IT Mistakes that Small Businesses Need to Avoid

Man Making IT Computer MistakeAs a small business owner, you’re an expert on the product or service that you are selling rather than information technology – unless, of course, your business makes money by providing IT solutions. For everyone else, information technology is just another annoying chore that has to be dealt with.

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Why Outsourced IT Support is a Huge Hit in Healthcare

We recently reported that outsourced IT support in the healthcare industry will create a “market worth 50.4 billion by 2018.” This is a huge leap from the (still substantial) 35 billion in 2013. Why is outsourced IT support such a huge hit in the healthcare industry? This article will explore the facts that have created this boom. The Amount of Data Generated by the Healthcare Industry is Staggering   As the OSF Global Consulting Group noted in a recent eBook, “Healthcare is one of the largest industries worldwide.” This massive industry, which relies heavily on data, generates about two billion pounds of paper and cardboard … Read more

Know the Security Flaws in Smartwatches

Smartwatches promise to usher in a new era of wearable technology that integrates into the day-to-day lives of people around the world. Similar to the rise of the smartphone, smartwatch manufacturers and software developers plan to make the devices an indispensable part of your routine.

The smartwatch isn’t really a watch at all – it’s a tiny computer. Just like a laptop or desktop computer, smartwatches use software to perform functions. As a result, smartwatches represent a new vector for hackers to mount an attack on your personal data.

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