IT Outsourcing on the Rise in Costa Rica

Latin American is at hotspot for IT Outsourcing, even compared to major North American cities like Toronto.

A recent article written by Marcel Evans in the Costa Rica Star shows that Chile, Uruguay, and Costa Rica are major players in IT Outsourcing.

His company, Sys-Con, seeks to “examine national IT environments on a relative basis, and over the long term, gauge their effect on improving economies and the lives of people.”

“In our research over the past couple of years, we’ve looked at 14 countries in Latin America. The three top performers are Chile, Uruguay, and Costa Rica,” wrote Evans.

“The first two of these also rank ahead of the United States. Chile also manages to squeak into our global Top 25, just behind Austria and just ahead of Romania.”

However, he added these results are very top-heavy.

“There is a significant drop-off after Latin America’s first three. Brazil, for example, ranks 4th in the region yet only 56th in the world. The region’s top five is completed by Panama. Trailing the region are Argentina, Paraguay, and Venezuela.”

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