The Right Approach to Managed IT services

Many businesses that set out to hit ambitious growth numbers soon realized that managed IT services help in diversifying and managing the business better. Essentially, business leaders realized that there is a need to invest money on these services to save time. This time would soon be the most important asset that they have. Many of the service providers seek to seal deals with businesses by offering them a list of services and thereby eventually bill the client for a large amount of time being consumed by the business. The concern is that most support providers wait for the clients … Read more

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What is Ransomware and What is its Financial Impact?

Ransomware attacks can be extremely costly as it can impact a business’s productivity, reputation, and continuity.  It is never advised to pay a ransom, but many business’s do. Ransomware is a malicious software that is designed to block its victim’s access to a computer system until a sum of money has been paid. It has some key characteristics that differentiate itself from other malware, including: An unbreakable encryption Ability to encrypt all kinds of files Scrambles company’s file names Adds different extensions to company files Displays an image or message to tell you that your data has been encrypted Requests … Read more

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6 Steps to Proactive IT Management

As a business owner, it would be simple if you could just put a system in place and it manages itself. But we all know that doesn’t happen. Systems require strategies in order to run effectively, and it’s essential that you consider proactive IT management to achieve that. What is proactive IT management? Proactive IT management involves the integration of a network monitoring software into a company and a strategy used by IT professionals to correct device and network errors in the workplace. This process can keep networks and computers running at their top functionality with minor drag on operations … Read more

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What Metrics Count in Managed It Service Industry?

Many companies are embracing the services of an IT service provider purely owing to the fact that they are worried about the security threats caused due to the expanding teams and increasing probability of human error and negligence. Many companies also opt to work with a managed IT services provider since they also want to prove that they adhere to standard regulations or to highlight their compliance with certain standards followed by the industry. While many businesses seek an ally to help maintain a secure network, many seek partners who are important to laying the foundation to the growth plans … Read more

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Finding the best partner for remote IT support

Trying to find the right partner for your business is always a challenge and may throw unexpected surprises.  It is a long process that involves careful research and you may need to choose between several such service providers. This phase involves a well-coordinated effort to ensure that the companies that are involved in the business pitch process are capable of delivering what they promise. They need to also understand the services that are important to your business. Many a time, business partners ignore subtle indications from their client and often tend to focus on matters that aren’t deal winners.  Hence … Read more